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Our Mission

Our passion has always been about the art of aquariums. It has never been about building a large company. Instead, we choose to stay small and focus on providing a high level of quality for which we can feel proud. We feel blessed every day to work in a career that gratifies us so much.
We approach each aquarium as an opportunity to create beautiful and unique art. We are equally versed in fresh or saltwater, and our aquascape designs feature a variety of colorful and interesting fish. We surround the fish with an environment that will captivate our clients and their guests.

Our company

Neptune Aquarium Design is a family owned company, founded in 1988 by Torrance (Torey) Chumbley. By the mid 1990’s his brother Brent joined the company, followed by Todd a few years later. Dale McMahon has been with Neptune since the early days and though not officially related, Dale is considered family as well. A few other dedicated aquarists work in our company following our strict design and quality standards. Our employees like our philosophy and family oriented approach to doing business. As a result, they tend stick around for a long time. Most of our staff have been with us for 10 years or more.

Our philosophy

Fish are the center focal point of our presentations, followed by our passion for aquatic art. Our philosophy is simple; we take every step necessary to insure that their environment is always as healthy and clean as possible. We focus first on aquarium chemistry basics and frequent regular water changes to insure success with each aquarium. Next, our design process flows freely from the creativity of each aquarist. Working with corals, rock, driftwood and plants, they follow design principles that we have adopted from years of study and adaptation to create an aquarium that is living art.


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