Extreme Aquarium Make Over

Have you ever looked at your aquarium and wished that you knew what to do to bring that sparkle back? In this article, we will discuss the steps necessary to take your tank from being that boring tank in the corner to something that will draw people to it like a magnet.

As an example, I will use one of our recent projects. Our client wanted us to transform her tank into something that she would be proud to show off. The subject was a 125 gallon salt water tank that was set up using a combination of a few pieces of live rock and some plastic plants. Read More

A good Aquarium Heater is vital for Tropical Fish health

Finally, we can say goodbye to the sweltering temperatures of summer! I look forward every year to the return of fall colors and to the milder weather that the changing season brings. When the nights start getting cooler and the days are shorter, I know that it's time to dig the warm clothes out of the closet. What does all this have to do with fish?

Well, fish are sensitive to temperature changes just like we are, they get cold too. Stable water temperature is important to a fish’s overall health and immune system. Frequent swings can open the door for disease and infections. But, for a couple of other reasons, they can be more affected by a drop in temperature than humans. Read More

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