Reef Inserts

Fish love reef inserts and feel more at home living in an aquarium that uses one. Saltwater aquariums have been evolving since their beginning in the 1960’s. For years the standard décor used was real (dead) corals. This was the accepted medium for several decades. Everyone knew that beautiful corals were coming from the ocean, but nobody seemed to care. Some corals had been growing for many years only to be cut away from the rock they were attached to and sold as aquarium décor. As collecting continued, the reefs around parts of the Philippines were becoming depleted of this lovely natural resource. Several years ago a few environmentally concerned artists began experimenting with fish safe materials and as a result the Reef Insert was born. We loved the idea and were one of the first in our area to embrace them, installing our first one in the late 1990’s. They have continued to improve to the point that now they are a major part of most saltwater aquariums we install. Take a look at some of these examples and imagine how one might look in your aquarium. They are available in semi-custom to fully custom configurations. They come in a wide array or color and texture combinations, from subtle to bold. Call us today for more info. 916-635-9929 x102

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